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details about kennedy's proposal to carolyn. the constant strain on their marriage and why carolyn almost didn't get on the couple's ill-fated flight 12 years ago. >>> let's begin on a thursday morning with breaking news. the surprising new totals from the iowa caucuses. chuck todd is nbc's political director and the chief white house correspondent. he's in rock hills, south carolina this morning. two and a half weeks ago we thought mitt romney won by eight votes, now it appears that rick santorum won by 34 votes. will this impact the race? or should it impact the race at this stage? >> well, will it and should it? it is interesting. because when you look at how mitt romney has spun his first two victories. he talked about it was historic and the fact that no republican had ever won both iowa and new hampshire in the same year. and in fact, 72 hours ago we were talking about almost a coordination. he was going to go 3-0. well here he is now in a 48-hour period and a week ago for mitt romney thinking he was about to go do something that nobody had done before. and either side, win all thre
america's golden couple. the confidant revealing details. the shocking conversation with carolyn before the fatal flight. >>> here we are. right up here on the big screen. good morning, everyone. when you see these stunning new pictures of lauren scruggs out with her family, just week after her horrific accident, it just warms your heart to see her doing so well. >> she's coming back so quickly. >>> and, boy, newt gingrich coming on strong. new polls out this morning show he's surging. lots of momentum. a strong debate on monday night. is there time to overtake mitt romney? >>> big weather for parts of the midwest. you're going to chicago. a big storm headed to the midwest and then heading east. >> we haven't had much here, right? >> except for halloween. >>> to the latest on the cruise ship disaster. new questions about why it took so long to evacuate. and what the captain is saying about why he got on a lifeboat so soon. chris cuomo is back there again today. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it took more than an hour after this ship collided with the rocks to cal
in essex. carolyn and stacy himelheber lived in the home on arncliffe road. investigators said the home did not have smoke detectors and they're working to find out what caused that fire. >>> what a change a day makes. low 50s, sunshine over the place and a fantastic looking day. temperature wise low 50s, upper 40s. actually feeling pleasant out there. the rest of the region 40 under clear skies. the next rain maker could be here tomorrow. >>> in tonight's democracy 2012, mitt romney may have caused his own headaches yesterday with his off the cuff comment about firing people but it shouldn't affect him to lose his lead. the first votes were counted in dixville notch and it was a tie. small comfort for romney after the worst day of his campaign. romney said, quote, i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. he was talking about healthcare but his rivals saw a golden opportunity and blasted his work as the head of bain capital. this may turn out to be the bane of his expenses but it's unlikely to knock him out of the top spot in new hampshire. >>> today schools across the a
to a carolyn. it broke out on arn cliff. one was rushed to franklin square, the other to bay view, both did not make it. neighbor tells us about the car accident the women were involved in, earlier in the day. >> i had heard that the car accident happened this morning. the car was pinned up against the other car. they were pinned up against a parked car. they had to use the jaws of life to get them out. >> firefighters say they had a hard time getting in the house because of clutter. the cause of the investigation -- the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >>> a mother is charged of abusing her child before his death. the charges came after he was killed in a separate incident last year. a grand jury indicted the 28 year old of abusing her 2-year- old son, elijah in november of 2010. last april he died from asphyxiation. no one has been formally charged. >>> more began state men's basketball team lost by two points. they did it without their coach. he is accused of punching a player saturday. the school issued an indefinite suspension for the coach. he and the players say it wa
"toddy on the severnn park street wheee davis lived for 17 years...neighbor carolyn bollino fondly remembers the &pman who saved the life of an plderly, diabetic neighbor several times: times:"he calls 911 but he usually gets her conscious before they get there"llss than a mile away...students at severna park high school are also in mourning. "i got back it sounded surreal" breanna ranco graduated from severna park last year: year:"it makes me grateful for everything i have goong to this highschool and being where i am, and how lucky i am" 18 year old zach rose and 19 year old brittany walker were also killed innthe crash. both were graduates of meade. tonight...friends fiil zach rose'' jessup tears...zach's mother described her son as the nucleus of their family. chelsea dennis is a meade zach...she says news of the accident has devastated an entire student body: body:"ttey've already reacted to it, they're upset, highly upset" friends of the teens meeting at noon february at meade high school tonighh, jaaice park fox45 news at ten. anothee crash in anne arundel weekend.last ni
jennifer..... the victtms are carolyn (himmel- heber).. she was 63.. and her daughter stacy (himmel-heber).. she was 40. firefighters say they found both women upstairs.. one of them in the bathroom.. the other.. closeby...... investigators say both women had also been involved in a car accident near their home yesterday.... doctors treated and released them. and tonight, they're the victims of a fatal fire. the fire broke out on arncliffe road at about 7-30 last night..... when firefighters arrived.. they found police and neighbors already banging on the front and back doors of the home.. trying to alert the women. once inside, firefighters say they had trouble moving around the first floor and getting to the women.. because of so much clutter in the home. they also say the home was not equipped with smoke detectors. (neighbor) 3 3 3 3 two dogs and two cats also died in the fire. investigators say the blaze caused about 25-thousand dollars worth of damage. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. live in essex.. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. police.../
. county fire said 63-year-old carolyn and stacy himelheber died when fire and smoke went through the home. they said they had problems getting inside because of large amounts of clutter. the two women were found upstairs noar the bathroom and later died in the hospital. they were fixtures in the community for more than 20 years. they say they were good neighbors and they would be missed. >> it is a tragedy. they were just out here earlier today, over to my mom's house telling her about the car accident, and that was it. that was the last time, at 4:30, is when my mom saw them. >> reporter: firefighters found no smoke detectors inside. they're still trying to determine the exact cause of that fire. >>> we have a high school student from bel air who is behind bars at this our charged with gunning down his father and dumping his body a pond in aberdeen. 16-year-old robert conley richardson the third face as third-degree murder charge after shooting his dad inside their mooresmill road home and calling his sister to confess to the crime. >> it the 16-year-old had shot his father and was looki
, but the fact that it's closed right now does not detour people from coming to washington. >> and carolyn barber was disappointed her friend from colorado could not get a close-up view of the landmark, and both women look forward to the reopening of the monument. >> it would be an encouragement to come back definitely. >> reporter: no word on when the repairs will begin, but expect to hear more about that tomorrow. now back to you. >> thank you. >>> there were three more aftershocks today around mineral, virginia. that makes more than 80 aftershocks since august. there are no reports of new damage tonight. >>> outside tonight, temperatures are more than 30 degrees colder than they were last night at this time. veronica johnson is in for doug. what is going on? >> the front came in and came through the area, and our temperatures fell today and they are still falling out there, doreen. the mercury now at 21 degrees in frederick. a lot of locations at 21. and germantown, 21 degrees right now. as you might imagine, the mercury is going to continue to drop. there will be quite a few locations north o
are mother and daughter, carolyn and stacy himelheber. >>> the idea of adding more state tax to gas prices doesn't sit well with drivers. here's derek valcourt with more. >> reporter: the city says its top transportation priority is to build a redline. anne arundel said it needs to widen 175 near fort meade. add up the costs and the state would need an extra $12 billion. governor o'malley points out that's money the trust fund doesn't have. >> you get what you pay for. there's no way to build a $100 million bridge for $10 million. that's why the funding recommends raising the gas tax by 15 cents per gallon over three years. the idea is being discussed in annapolis and on the road. >> i would sacrifice 15 cents for improving the roads. >> reporter: many drivers say the price of gas is already too high, that's in part due to the cost of crude oil. another 10% goes into refining that oil, 5% for distribution, but the last 10% are taxes. for every gallon, 1.4 cents go to the -- 18.4 cents did to the government. maryland's gas rate is the sixth highest in the country, behind these five states,
we are learning more about the story line after the break from the star herself, miss carolyn is in the house everybody stay with us on fox 5 morning news ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >> let's say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day from culpepper virginia she is one of our biggest fans we appreciate that, hope you are having a great day. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning news, and post a comment under the lovely lakesha's photo. >>> let's head to broadway back to 196 on the set of the award winning musical hair spray. >> reporter: annie yu is getting a behind the scenes look at the production. good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison and steve. yes, hair spray is one of those shows that you have to go out and see once you see it you will want to see it over and over again joining me now is the st
of 1999. the author says carolyn initially refused to go on the ill-fated flight but kennedy's assistant convinced her to go that morning saying it was a family wedding. hours later, the plane that kennedy was piloting went down in a fog as they were headed to cape cod. the couple along with carolyn's sister lauren were killed in that plane crash. >>> up next on news 4 at 6:00 a new plan to ease congestion where drivers could soon be allowed to drive on the shoulder to avoid traffic. >>> high pay and happy workers. find out which city ranks number one for employees. and dan is here with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> hey, ladies. it's a skateboard getting a key member of the ravens in trouble and the wizards turn their defense to quiet the thunder as >>> traffic on the i-270 corridor is notoriously bad but now there is a proposal to try to ease the gridlock by allowing commuters to drive on the shoulder. the plan would apply to a 13-mile stretch of 270 between frederick and clarksburg. news 4's erika gonzalez reports now from gaithersburg. >> reporter: what is being proposed as
. >> reporter: tils about the theme. it's the white house. we are thrilled to have carolyn kennedy as the hop rarey chair. her mother founded the historical association. >> reporter: what day is carolyn coming out, ms. kenny? >> she is not. it's in recognition of her mother's great work. she will not be coming. we are open every day starting at 11:00, today. it's $20, general admissions. we have lots of events between now and sunday for people to come and see and learn, fun things lectures, including a saturday lecture at 3:00 with roland mesny, the former white house pastry chef. he will be on stage with gail hattiesburg, the social secretary for president and mrs. reagan. >> what do people love most about this event? >> they love everything to see and do. last night was preview night. we are standing in the lone exhibit. then already events along with the 45 outstanding dealers from across the country and europe. so there's lots to see and do. >> speaking of this exhibit, i'm going to go chat with leslie crohn's, the curator of this exhibit. it's called treasures of the first family. >> tal
and saving thousands of lives. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> it cost less than $300 and can be used several dozen times. >>> nominations for the academy awards will be announced on tuesday. the movie making the most noise is aie. movie. "the artist" was shot in 35 days in black and white. the lack of sound brings back memories of the sigh lept film era where facial expressions and dance moves said it all. >> i looked at "the artist" and i thought, we are missing something now where everything is just shoved in our faces. >> the artist has won several golden globes. the actor in it was once told he would never make it because he was too expressive. >>> kate beckinsale is back with a vengeance. her latest "under world" open had at number one. it is the fourth in the vampire action saga. opening was red tails and last week's number one film, contra brand dropped to third place. it was extremely loud and incredibly close was fourth and "hey wire" wraps up this week. >>> a look at your morning commute and let's go to leigh glaser. >> we will have to through part a bit of rain between now and 4:0
carried the two women from the home. >> middle carol -- miss carolyn was nonresponsive. and they were carrying out stacy. i didn't know if they were alive or not. >> reporter: both women died. for the type of fire, firefighter says it was unusually smoky. >> in most cases, it's the smoke that kill people, not the thermal heat. >> reporter: there was too much stuff piled up inside. they ended up going around back. >> when a home is full of belongings, whether it's clothing or parents or -- papers or old magazines, that material is fuel if there is a fire. >> reporter: the family is in the process of making the funeral arrangements. in essex, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. >> reporter: the fire department says they could not find any smoke alarms in the home. >>> the local american red cross makes an emergency plea for blood donations. in recent weeks, the organization saw a significant decline in turnout of blood drives at donor centers. now, several blood types are at critical or emergency levels, making it difficult to prepare for potential emergencies. >> t
at about 7-30 last night. the victims are carolyn (himmel-heber).. she was 63.. and her daughter stacy.. she was 40.tonight we know that firefighters say they had trouble moving around the first floor and getting o the women.. because of so much clutter in the home.they also say the home was not equipped with smoke detectors. incue: its horrible... outcue: the waste of life"trt :12 3 :12 two dogs and two cats also died in the fire. investigators say the fire caused about 25-thousand dollars worth of damage. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. for.../ the... first time, .../ áátheáá bolton hill... man.../ who... was... kidnappee.../ at... gunpoint.../ áátalksáá... about... his.../ trying.../ experience.../. áájeffáá in... bolton hill.../ - ááwitháá the story .../ you'll.../ see.../ first on fox, jeff..... jeff..... this has long been one of the ggandest communities in the city.... but lately, it hasn't been the safest. tonight, one man, who's lived here 15-years, is talking about t
one of the world's largest humanitarian organizations based here in baltimore. carolyn woo will head the catholic relief. she previously served as the dean of the business school at the university of notre dame. >>> a bitterly cold afternoon, with temperatures hovering around freezing much of the day. live look outside. plenty of cloud cover outside right now. bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bob? >> coldest day since actually last february. which wasn't a particularly cold year this year. but this cold snap has a few clouds with it. this evening, maybe a few flurries around the region. doesn't look like a squall situation. won't be coming down quick and hard like it did yesterday. but a fewuary -- few areas will see a few changes this week. believe it or not, a warming trend is coming our way. it was 13 at the airport. last february 9th, it was 13 as well. 6 this morning as well. 15, oakland city. 17 in washington. right now, it's warmed up to 31. never even got to freezing today. good news is, i guess -- good news or bad news, depending on your persp
carolyn's laugh it is infectious. tickets are available, log on to for details, thank you to everybody here, more hair spray girlfriend. we need it. woo. okay. back to the studio. >> thanks annie. >> thanks to the whole cast. >> i am most amazed at the never ending can of hair spray. >> tucker tells us when it is going to dare i say warm up? >> we will see also the answer to today's trivia question stay with us. >> no, speaking of questions there is more do you have a question you would like answered the first one of the new year tony let's make it a good one send me your questions at click on the morning tab for a link to ask alison i answer questions on a variety of topics but we love the family issues, relationships, questions those are our favorites we take your questions every friday morning during the mighty 9:00 a.m. hour >> i am going to send it, when a man proposes to a woman publicly. >> don't the it  >> this morning we asked how many pounds per day does a baby blue whale gain during its first 7 months of life, at least 200 a baby blue
.f.k., jr. was rumored to be dating her before marrying carolyn bessette. >> clayton: now they have enough makeup to handle the eyebrow thing. >> ainsley: i missed them, i loved reading stories about them. it makes me sad. >> there are eyebrow thick ners out there. you have beautiful brows. >> clayton: thank you. >> bring the coffee in, 6:00 this morning -- 6:00 this morning i begged for coffee and it is now 9:12. thank you so much! >> ainsley: so sweet! >> clayton: nothing is open right now. >> clayton: nothing is open, janice. >> ainsley: non how he does it. snapped his fingers and it is there. >> can i clear something up quickly? i don't have a lot of time, i am not pregnant. i am not pregnant. i am getting e-mails, like, oh, you have been glowing and, i see -- no! it is a beer bell i this is not pregnancy. earlier on today i was talking about new year's resolution and i said, i hope we -- we don't get -- not that i don't want kids, i love them, two is all i can handle, right now. that's right. and i think ainsley called me fertile myrtle. not pregnant! caucus forecast for tuesday, no r
areas we can work together. >> are you friends personally? >> yes i am furious and carolyn maloney, democrat of new york talking to us about the end -- this the that the union the president just gave to the estimate by the that the 26 of us gave our tickets to veterans and i gave one to a returning veteran from afghanistan who spent 16 months there, a west point graduate, so the emphasis on the fact that our men and women are coming back from iraq and they are such an important part of the strength of the country is a good thing. >> representative maloney, and now another member of the new york delegation is joining us and this is representative dr. he worked if i correct your and my doctor, connect? >> i'm an ophthalmologist, and on a surgeon, yes. >> freshman? first seed of the union a second? >> second. >> and? >> the president certainly has some inspiring thoughts for us and the key thing is the mechanisms by which we reached the dreams we all share. for example, we all want to see our industries revised from a manufacturing, or businesses, the mechanism that the president has
with carolyn goodman, the mayor of las vegas. this lady is a rock star. she got elected last july. she and her husband switched states. she has charisma. she started a private school before she ended up becoming mayor. her school was one of the only schools in las vegas to went -- that went on to have a 100% graduation rate with kids going to college. one of the things that mayors can do is a line there city services. number one it is alignment. all of us as mayors have to align our city services with the school districts. it does not cost money. it is about efficiency and building partnerships. all of us can do this. tell us the programs you have initiated in terms of student outcome and alignment. >> i am delighted to be here and part of this group. this is an excellent pamphlet that has been given to all of you. 12 years of being here and accompanying my husband, every day of his life he would assure his population he was the happiest mayor in the universe. everybody thought it was because he was lucky to be a mayor. the reason was true because every morning i would get out of bed before hi
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)